With two power scrubbing brushes, the Fast Clean Barracuda WSC26 has great handling capability for average to smaller floorspaces. Boost your cleaning efficiency with double the power while saving significant amounts to your budget. Equipped with an enhanced electronic controlled system, this floor scrubber easily cleans and dries while handling a variety of surfaces.

Drive Motor: 0.34 hp (250 w) Brush Motor: 0.75 hp (560 w)
Squeegee Width: 32″ Vacuum Motor: 0.67 hp (500 w)
Dimensions: 48″l x 28″w x 43″h Cleaning Path: 26″
Weight: 348 lbs (w/ batteries) Max Coverage: 28,000 ft²/hr @ 2.5 mph
Voltage: 24 v (two 12 v batteries, 200 ah) Continuous Run Time: 3.5 hrs
Solution Tank: 19 gal Warranty: 3 years parts, 1 year labor, 12 months prorated batteries
Recovery Tank: 20 gal