The Cobra RSC21 is an agile and easy-to-operate auto floor scrubber. With a very small turning radius, this machine is very flexible and offers excellent maneuverability. It is suitable for large and medium areas but also can perform very well in narrow areas. The machine also features a large tank capacity and maintenance free batteries.

Voltage: 24 v (4 batteries) Continuous Run Time: 5 hrs
Cleaning Path: 35.4″ Squeegee Width: 42.5″
Cleaning Speed: 59,000 sqf/hr Garbage Tank: 7.9 gal
Solution Tank: 34.3 gal Recovery Tank: 37 gal
Brush Motor: 560 w Vacuum Motor: 500 w
Dimensions: 65″l x 35″w x 51″h Weight: 712 lbs
Warranty: 3-year comprehensive, 1-year parts, battery manufacturer terms