The Fast Clean GTO WSC26 walk behind scrubber is an easy-handing machine built for large and medium areas with low operating costs. This machine is self-propelled, which reduces cleaning workload effectively. Utilizing dual brushes enhances your cleaning power, further minimizing costs. Equipped with an electronic control system, scrubbing and drying functions will operate with ease.

Voltage: 24 v (4 batteries) Continuous Run Time: 6 hrs
Cleaning Path: 26″ Squeegee Width: 43″
Top Speed: 3.5 mph Tank Coverage: 16,159 sqft / hr
Solution Tank: 25 gal Recovery Tank: 28 gal
Brush Motors: 560 w Vacuum Motor: 500 w
Drive Motor: 500 w Lifting Motor: 100 w
Dimensions: 57″l x 30″w x 47″h Weight: 650 lbs
Warranty: 3-year comprehensive, 1-year parts, battery manufacturer terms