Get wide sweeping coverage with the Fast Clean Rally WSW37 manual push sweeper. This walk-behind unit picks up debris through an active progression of dust-free barrel containment filtration and widespread multi-brush sweeping. Excellent for commercial factories and modern properties, the Rally WSW37 extended sweeper will uphold the cleanliness and broad coverage of your facility. Operators can adjust the handle bar to preference, as well as set the cylindrical inner broom’s height position and front-side brush pressure. Exponentially faster than traditional broom cleaning, hard surfaces become clean with little lead time.

Drive Motor: manual, push powered Cleaning Path: 37″
Dimensions: 35″l x 32″w x 15″h Debris Hopper: 1.6 ft³
Weight: 55 lbs Warranty: 3 years parts, 1 year labor
Max Coverage: 39,600 ft²/hr @ 2.5 mph